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April 19, 2009 at 3:15 pm 1 comment

If you’re female and Christian, with preteen girls, then you might have faced a problem. “What can I give my daughter to read so that she doesn’t keep watching Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers?” The problem is that you don’t have good, wholesome reading material for your young daughters. Rejoice to know that the Sadie Rose series written by Hilda Stahl intends to fix that problem!

0891077154Your daughter will enjoy the tales of a young girl living in the wild west, where the deer and the antelope play. This very real girl struggles with the same issues your daughter faces: that awfully cute boy who likes her older sister better than her. The boy who wants to sell her something she dearly loves – paper – for a kiss on his lips. The stranger she finds lost in a storm who wants to meet the man she’s never written to or spoken to but has fallen in love with. Your daughter will be excited and thrilled. 

For instance, in Sadie Rose and the Dangerous Search:


Sadie Rose thought helping her daddy Caleb York and her brother Riley find some stray cattle might be fun. But that was before they all got separated in a snowstorm and she lost her way in the sandhills and couldn’t get her bearings because of swirling snow. When she found herself alone with a stranger, she really felt afraid.

But as Sadie listened to the stranger’s own story, she soon felt sadness and compassion. What she didn’t know was that soon she and her new friends would be in the hands of evil men they couldn’t possibly defeat. Would Caleb and Riley find her in time? Would God protect her again?


Cloris is an 18 year old living in the clutches of her wicked aunt who blames her for dropping her cousin on his head and driving him insane. She keeps poor Cloris imprisoned as a servant and has threatened her repeatedly. 

And don’t try to run away or I”ll have you locked away in a mental home.

No wonder poor Cloris is so frightened. Not only that, her wicked aunt has used devious means to ensure that Cloris wouldn’t be able to lawfully run away. She has somehow gotten Cloris to sign a paper that makes her the property (quite literally) of Evil Aunt until she turns 30. So Cloris is very sad. On top of her troubles, she’s fallen in love with a man that Evil Cousin has been writing to. 

Remember, children, agreeing to meet someone you’ve met online is dangerous. However, if it’s some bloke 1000 miles away and the correspondence is brought to the lovers via the Pony Express, then it must be safe.

Finally, some way or another, she escapes. The details aren’t really necessary, because the romance is really what gets this story going. At least besides her travails at the hands of her wicked stepmother aunt. The story breezes along, with Sadie’s help now and then, until she meets the guy. Here you’ll get very age appropriate romance for your daughter.

When they first meet:

Just then, the door opened, and Carl White stepped out, filling the doorway. He stood well over six feet tall and weighed over two hundred pounds. He held his wide-brimmed white hate in this hands. The wind ruffled his dark hair

Cloris couldn’t breathe as she studied him from head to toe. …

Dropping his hat on his head, Carl jumped forward and reached for Cloris. His hands closed around her waist, and she felt the jolt deep in her heart. 

He feels awkward being alone with her, apparently. Because of the unmade bed.

He thought of the pile of dirty dishes on the table and the unmade bed.

She suddenly bursts into tears. This brings out a bit of the manly manliness in his heart.

He saw her tears and the frightened look on her face, and he suddenly wanted to made her feel relaxed and comfortable with him. He smiled and took her arm.

Even in “Christian romance novels,” this sort of stuff is possible, if not just very common. 

He realizes that he’d always liked red hair. 

Her red hair was a bright flame in the room. He’d always liked red hair.

She tells him that if *sob* if he doesn’t want her, she’ll leave.

She didn’t know where, but she’d find somewhere to go. Pain ripped through her at the terrible thought. She wanted to be here with Carl.

Carl = guy she just met and barely knows

Her name sounded good on his tongue.

Her = girl he just met and barely knows

There’s a Valentine’s day party. 13 year old Sadie makes a valentine for her crush. It has lace and red cloth hearts glued on it. 

Finally, on that day, it comes, with heart thumping action.

Before she lost her nerve, she stood on tiptoe and kissed the corner of his mouth. “i promised I’d do that too,” she whispered breathlessly.

His heart thumped so hard, he was sure she heard it. “Do you go around kissing all the guys?”

“No. You’re the only one… ever.”

All his suspicions melted away. He took her face between his large hands and kissed her lips with a long lingering kiss.

And there you have it. Your daughter will learn all the dynamics of true love at first sight… and what really makes a relationship tick. Enjoy.


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