The Perfect Lady and Boob Implants

April 23, 2009 at 10:22 am 2 comments

“Then why is it that you stare at naked girls every change you get,” I said, “but not naked men?”

“It’s an aesthetic choice,” Bob [the Skull] said loftily. “As a gender, women exist on a plane far beyond men when it comes to the artistic appreciation of their external beauty.”

“And they have boobs,” I said.

“And they have boobs!” Bob agreed with a leer.

Turncoat, Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher

With the development of science, plastic surgery has become more and more advanced. Very soon, it MAY be possible to stay young and sexy with only a simple and inexpensive surgery. But meanwhile, we ladies make do with what we’ve got, huh?

And what we’ve got is boob surgery. Of late, breast implants has become the in thing. Not just those women who do reconstruction surgery after disease or cancer, but young women and old women alike. This is not restricted to females; either, but also extends to males. Surprising? Maybe not. This place says that breast augmentation was found in 2006 to be the number one procedure performed by plastic surgeons. This is followed in popularity by nose jobs, eyelid tucks, and lipo.

But why do so many woman want to get implants? Yahoo, as always, has answers. Some of the answers range from self-esteem issues to guy attention to media popularity. And it could be all those things. However, the Montecito Center for plastic surgery has 5 main reasons for getting implants. Some of them include finally fitting in those clothes that were somehow made for C cups. Or maybe your boobs are droopy. Or shrunken. But all that aside… getting a boob job may be able to help you get ahead at work.

Sadly, breast surgery is quite expensive. The cost depends by location, surgeon, and type of implant. Some places offer free consultations. Implant forum sums up the average cost:

Implants: $1000 
Dr. fee: $2000
Anesthesia: $1000
Medications: $50
Filling out a bikini: PRICELESS!!! 
(Prices vary)

This site also offers tips as to how to save for the big surgery as well as how to solicit money for it. There are actually sites that allow you to raise money for your new boobs. I actually found one site that can help YOU get the breasts you want. It has a picture of a rather shapely young woman. 

Ladies… have you ever wanted bigger breasts? But couldn’t afford the expensive costs of surgery?

Here is your opportunity to earn Free Breast Implants!

Gents… help the girl of YOUR dreams, get the body of her dreams. Develop a connection with a girl of your choice and help her earn Free Breast Implants!

This site appeals to both guys and girls. Girls who have always wanted bigger breasts but are poor. And guys who want to help out the girl of their dreams whose boobs just aren’t big enough. There’s also testimonials, and before and after pictures. And featured ladies with sad faces because their boobs aren’t big enough.

This lady gives 5 reasons why getting breast implants was the best 5000 bucks she ever spent. 

But aren’t they dangerous? Maybe. The FDA published an online report about the relative safety of breast implants. And yes, there are risks. Your implants may go all leaky. Or deflate (horrors!) or shift and look like one of those poor celebrities I’ve yet to talk about. This guy over here published a page giving 48 reasons why women shouldn’t get boob jobs. (I’m giving you the AOL special edition version with some of the pictures blocked out and a few “swear” words changed.) The pictures are quite graphic, but they show you what COULD happen. (And my, those boobs look like soccer balls hanging off a poor lady’s chest. Not what you want. Ever.)

Men, you can have them as well! Ever feel insecure about your small chest size? You can actually take pills to improve the size, in some cases. However, it’s been proved to be more worthwhile to get the pectoral implants. If (horrors!) you have exercised and exercised and are unable to have nice defined chest areas, this is your chance. They can also give you a huge boost of self-confidence so you can be like this:


Just look at that man, standing tall and straight, with his bulging pectorals reaching toward the sky. He has self-confidence, that one. Whether he exercised for it or got implants. 

inferiorThis brings up another issue. What if, after the pectoral surgery, your man’s breasts are bigger than yours? That’s certainly a bit of a problem, isn’t it? Why let him have all the fun? You can tell that that woman is a bit sad because she knows that after the implant surgery, his body leaves hers far behind. He, like a good man, is comforting her.

COMING UP: A look at the hand the media has played in the popularity of breast augmentation.


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