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Happy Mother’s Day!

mothers-day-flowersToday’s Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m sure that many of you are thinking about what to give your mothers. After all, they’re the ones who’ve been with us, nurtured us, raised us, and put up with us all these years. What’s the best thing we can get for them which will express our love and appreciation of all the stuff they’ve done?

In the past there were things like flowers, baked goods, cards, and chocolate. My dad always got my mom chocolate. She loves dark chocolate. He also got her flowers. The kind that came in a pot and could be transplanted to the garden after a while. There’s also things like those cute little coupons that magazines encourage kids to make. I’ve never known a mom who has actually used one. Usually it just sits in her desk until the kid goes off to college.

eaa2485a-91ed-4a5c-920f-59f6a64ce820_0_0_352_317But forget all those things this year, because there is a gift that’s better than flowers, chocolate, or cute little coupons. 

The gift of youth from StriVectin.

Why not?

So what’s better than flowers? The gift of youth from StriVectin. Not only will your mom look better, but when she looks in the mirror every day and sees her beautiful, radiant skin… she’ll think of you. This year, give your mom a gift that keeps on giving: the gift of youth from StriVectin.

Apparently, this is a special that includes StriVectin-SD, which is the stretch mark cream turned wrinkle cream phenomenon, and their Hydro Thermal Deep Wrinkle Serum, which is the “first and only topical formula to address the integrity of the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ)… the thin, wavy line of cells between the dermis and epidermis, and the place where deep wrinkles really begin.”

All for only $99.00!!

So this Mother’s Day, what your mom really wants isn’t flowers, chocolate, or baked goods. What she really wants is youth. What better way to show you how much you love her? Give her what she really wants, and I guarantee she won’t be disappointed.

(I think that my mom would kill me if I gave her wrinkle cream. But seriously, kudos to all the great moms out there. You guys are amazing, seriously.)


PS: Glamour also says that you should get her a set of silver plated dessert servers. $49.99 for a set of 3, at


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