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Cosmetic Surgery Minus the Cosmetic Surgery

YL2HX5Y64TTXZUAUPMT6Now is the golden age of cosmetic surgery. Men and women by the thousands are running off to get nicer noses, thinner bodies, and bulging pectorals. 

Despite the relative safeness of surgery (according to the book on the right), dozens of men and women alike are looking for alternatives to the knife. They want to look beautiful, but without the pain. Can we blame them? They want the same results that their friends are neighbors are getting, but without the pain and bruising that WILL occur.

niveaThis brings us to products like Nivea My Silhouette. On the main site, the company claims that this product “slims and reshapes your body for you to discover your own feel good silhouette.”

There are many reasons why you should consider this product. But first we will look at how it works.

How does this product work?

NIVEA research has developed the natural Bio-Slim Complex that combines the high-performance active ingredients White tea and Anise extract for a dual action of slimming & reshaping.

  • White tea slims down fat cells and prevents them from growing back
  • Anise extract activates skin’s cell-metabolism which leads to increased collagen production to tone and reshape the skin.

In a nutshell, this product can actually slim down fat cells and prevent them from growing back. Isn’t that amazing? It also makes skin such a prettier shape. Results? Regular use leads to a reduction of up to 3 cm on targeted body parts. You know, thighs, hips, waist, and belly. 3 cm is about one inch. 

profile-toilet-largeI’ve heard people complain that the chocolate they eat immediately goes to their thighs. No longer shall this happen! Since those fat cells won’t grow back, the chocolate will have nowhere to go except out the door. You know. There. 

I went online to check the reviews of this product. On the website Kiss and Makeup, there were many user comments on this product. 

“June” says,

Love the fresh fragrance, very summery and the gel like texture absorbs immediately allowing me to dress without waiting. After use it has left my skin feeling fresh. have noticed my skin is feeling smoother to the touch, although no inch loss yet. 

Another reviewer went to Review Stream to post her input.

The gel cream feels very cold when applied on skin but it eventually warms up after a few minutes. I applied it on both my inner arms, the whole of my thighs, and around my waist, every day before bedtime. The warm mild stinging sensation led me to believe that the product was actually working. After the second week, I got my tape measure to see if there was any difference, if I actually slimmed down — and was a bit disappointed. But I continued using Nivea My Silhouette anyway. And I am about to finish the entire tube this week. That’s approximately five weeks from the first time I used it.

She went on to say that she did like the product as a skin firmer.

best-products-year-0409-2-lg-17943447Along with that, Nivea My Silhouette actually made this year’s list of 30 best beauty products (Marie Claire)! Marie Claire states that this product is a “must have that will change your life.”

fullZZZZZZPRW080309232549PICAccording to this scan of one of their ads, Nivea My Silhouette is not just any old beauty product. It is body confidence in a tube. Why? It gives you the confidence to dance in green grass with the blue sky above you with strange men. If that’s not body confidence, I don’t know what is. Or, if you go on Nivea’s main site, you’ll realize that it also enables you to snuggle up naked with a man in bed, thus demonstrating that you will also bring romance back into your life.

(Actually, you will also find a woman in a bikini at the beach, jumping up and down in what looks like joy.)

A beautiful, toned body with perfect, airbrushed skin can do that to a woman.

In summary, this product will send your chocolate down the drain, will change your life, give you body confidence, and bring romance back into your life while reshaping  your silhouette into a slimmer, more beautiful YOU.


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