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Clinique and the Anti-Aging Scene

Many of us women (and some of us men) are searching for the product that will wipe years off our faces, vanish unsightly wrinkles (read: all wrinkles), and make us look younger, sexier, and more alive. 

Avon_AgelessResult_EyeCreamAlong the way, we find products that are “rejuvenating,” “anti-aging,” and “age-reversing,” while “wrinkle reducing,” or “wrinkle lifting” or all five of these. We want “ageless results,” and thankfully, Avon can give us that.

But how about age-decelerating?

Clinique has coined a new word in the anti-aging scene. Their Youth Surge SPF 15 age-decelerating moisturizer claims to slow down visible aging.

Clinique%20youth%20surgeWhat does “visible aging” mean?

New skin, old stomach?

Decelerating is the kind of thing a car does. You know, down the highway where you’re driving at 80 mph, while hoping that the cop in your rearview mirror will ignore you. Except the outsides of our bodies does it. You don’t age at miles per hour, you age in something called ypm. Or “years per minute.” Every minute, your body ages a certain amount of years, or a fraction of a year if you have good genes and use the Botox. However, accelerated aging is aging that is going way faster than you’d like it to. 

And of course, we  all would like to remedy this. This product claims to decelerate the aging process, as opposed to accelerating it. Your skin will sag slower. Your lips will unplump slower. Your hair will fall out slower. 

From the ad:

With new Youth Surge SPF 15 at your daily moisturizer, skin looks younger, longer. Building on Sirtuin technology, Clinique uses youth-extending agents with visible effects. Lines and wrinkles seem to evaporate. Skin gains strength over environmental agers. Your skin appears plumped with natural collagen.

Of course there will come a time when age catches up with us. What’s the rush?

Of course, if you’re not using some sort of age-decelerating moisturizer, you’re actually rushing the aging process even if you don’t mean to. 

What’s an environmental ager? Gravity, maybe. Smoking, if you’re a smoker. Smoking is no good for your skin.

Go here to get the scoop on this new product

In any case, the words “age-decelerating” now joins the ranks of special anti-aging words.


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