Tequila, Beer, Whiskey, and little tiny letters

June 8, 2009 at 12:54 pm 2 comments

In our extremely high tech world, many people have now learned how to speak txt speak. “LOL” “ROFL” “BRB” have become important parts of every day’s vocabulary. Maybe this has been brought about with the advent of the instant message, or the texting cell phones. Taking it one step further with the emoticon, it’s rare that a person not know what a colon and a capital D together mean.  😀  It is the happiness, joy, and appreciation of the good things of life all pulled neatly together in two simple symbols. 

Another step further is retreating from technology and knowing what real laughter sounds like. In such a high tech culture, many of us sit in front of our laptops without knowing the sound of real laughter. Not “hahahahaha” or even “BWAHAHAHAHA” but laughter. The low tones of a male at something his wife said, or the silvery laughter of a young woman. Or the simple bubbling sound an infant makes. 

The last step is knowing your Tequila.


(for some reason the image isn’t showing up, so click on the question mark and you’ll see it)

Specifically, Don Julio Tequila. 40% Alcohol/Volume. Blanco 100% De agave.

(With small letters saying “Discover Don Julio Responsibly” in the bottom left hand corner.)


We know that when summer comes, we have to make an effort to get ourselves out of the spring state of mind. Because sometimes, orange celebrities and skimpy little bikinis are not enough to take us into such an enlightened state. 

And when the sun comes out, so do our friends. Emerging from a deep dark hidey hole, we squint in the sudden brightness of the sun and search for that liquid which has superior drinkability. Forget plain water, for it is out. Choose lime Budweiser light beer. One taste will propel you into the summer state of mind. 


(with small letters again in the lower left-hand corner, saying, “Responsibility Matters.”)


We live our lives in search of perfection.

However, perfection is nearly always out of our grasp. And what seems to be perfect is not always perfect. Hydrogen? Uh-uh. Biomass? Well … Solar? Not sure. Tidal? *sigh* Geothermal? Wind? Anybody?


This brings us to Silver Patron Tequila. The perfection of this tequila is not debatable. It has already reached that pinnacle of perfection. WHich is why you should drink it. After all, in this imperfect world, so much is up to debate. Not this tequila. 


(no small letters, this time.)


True individuality.

knobcreekLife is so uncertain. As women, we take our cues from the fashion magazines, cosmetic industry, and celebrities. We depend on people like Israel Mizrahi to tell us what we look good in, and what we don’t look good in. People like Bobbi Brown tell us what make up we should wear to enhance our features. 

As men, we look at each other’s gadgets, comparing notes and searching online to find the best phone, or GPS system. We sit in front of the widescreen TV that the guy next door recommended. And the car? Consumer Reports. 

Where is the chance to express our own uniqueness?

At the bar.

For at that point, we can sit, and reflect on the choices that we could make. Gazing at the racks of premium whiskey, we can summon the courage to be our own person, and choose what we really want. Not what other people tell us we should want.

This is the true pinnacle of enlightenment. When we go from having the beer of the guy next to us, to drinking Knob Creek Whiskey. 

For in that whisshhkey, we can facsh our deepesht fearsh, shhorrows, joysh, loveshh . . . and find that life issshh good.

Drink Life Deeply.


(tiny letters in theh bottom right hand corner this time, saying “drink smart” with some light bulb logo. The tiny letters are nearly the same color as the ad itself.)

These ads were spotted in the April 2009 issue of Wired magazine. I have read quite a few issues of Wired, and never before have I seen quite so many ads for alcoholic beverages. However, I tweeted Wired, and received this reply:

Picture 1


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  • 1. crouchingwayne  |  June 9, 2009 at 1:17 pm

    I’m loving cider this summer. Not the pear stuff though!

    I am still partial to a nice beer with a slice of lime though 🙂

  • 2. Craigslist posting  |  June 15, 2009 at 10:24 am

    Wow, another great post. Thank you fot he quality info, i have become a big fan of you blog…keep it up


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